英文翻譯-Zoya Care for You
Zoya Experience
The first time I used Zoya Massage Crystal, I didn’t know its magic. It was recommend by the nurse of the hospital I delivered. I chose bottle feeding, so I have to pump four times a day to empty the breasts. What’s worse is that since breast pumps are not effective enough, I experience the nightmare of Puerperal mastitis.
It was a horrible torture for me. My doctor suggested I breastfeed my baby so that the ducts would not be blocked. The doctor warned that I have to empty both breasts, or else, a breast operation would be required, which means that I can never breastfeed my baby any more afterwards. Yet, the problem is that my baby never takes to the breast since birth.
Upon hearing that, what crossed my mind was that I couldn’t afford formula feeding, and I don’t want my baby to be deprived of the benefit of breastfeeding. I immediately turned to the nurse at the nursing room for help. She gave my breast a massage with Zoya. “Lots of Moms have experienced the benefits of Zoya. It reduces the pain of Breastfeeding.”
It’s not an overstatement to say that it’s a magic what Zoya can do.
I am not breastfeeding at the moment; yet, I still use Zoya when I could use a little massage to relax my muscles; the experience is different from the ones on the market that hurts the skin when not using properly.
Shared by: Yi-Xuan Wu  Occupation: Administrator    Date: 6th Oct 2011.
For me, Zoya is for breast massage and unblocking ducts. I did not know that Zoya is also good for acupressure massage until a consultant from the YuchengCare came to give classes to Moms staying in the nursing center. As simple as the design of Zoya, it is made for Gua Sha and acupressure massage. You get more than you paid.
The other day, my husband twisted his left wrist at work. I thought to myself that I would give it a try with Zoya, stimulating acupressure points. My husband screamed out loud, claiming that I am taking it out on him. Yet, the “Torture” I chose to continue on today lead him turn to him again the next day. He said that it doesn’t hurt that much with the joints that got massaged.
As we shared our experience with colleagues in the hospital, we learn that lots of people have endured work hurt, and they’re using to alleviate the pain. One female colleague shared that she uses Zoya to massage her legs and feet after a long day on high heels.
With a Massage device like this, it’s recommended that every household have Zoya given my own experience that Zoya brings family members closer.
Shared by: Yi-Jie, Yang   Occupation: Nursing staff      Date: 22th June 2011
Our company has been using traditional Gua Sha tool to give customers head massage. However, due to the flatness of those devices, it is hard to work the devices when it comes to difficult angles, which always causes pain if our new comers do not know how to use the tool properly. Zoya, with its 16 beads, makes it easy for our new staff to give head massage to customers who are more than willing to enjoy the massage.
We substitute SPA head massage tool with Zoya, which is light and easy-to-use. “Crystal” is how we call it, the nickname for “Zoya”.
Shared by: Jessica  Occupation: hairdresser     Date: 20th July 2011
Increase Health and Well-being
Neck and shoulder Massage
Benefits: relieves and improves shoulder pain, and stimulates the lymphatic system to help fluids circulate and remove toxins.
Manipulate the pressure points below the hairline, and then move downwards to the middle of the shoulder.
Massage from area besides the spin, and move outwards the sides of scapula. 
Waist and Back Massage
Benefits: alleviates pain, improves kidney functions, stimulates secretion ofadrenaline, and prevents osteoporosis.
Massage up and downwards on the sides of vertebral column with the edge of Zoya.  
Use the back of your fist to rub and massage around the sides of lumbar vertebrae on the back.
Increasing health and Well-being of Digestive System
shows positive alleviation of symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, and dyspepsia.
For those who suffer from diarrhea, start from the abdomen and move upwards.
For those who suffer from constipation, start from the abdomen and move downwards.
For those who suffer from flatulence, use the center of the palm or Zoya’s round beads to massage the area above stomach in a clockwise direction.